Research Paper

The Project:

The aim of this paper was to research and implement a dynamic day and night cycle for a binary star system with different star types for a livable planet. Researching the effects and possible sky models to use for implementation. To finally have a real-time simulation of the binary star system.

This paper was researched and implemented in 6 weeks.

The Hosek – Wilkie Model (Atmosphere/sky model) was implemented in unreal using c++ as well as a full blueprints version.

Github Link to the c++ Project

Representation of 2 suns in the sky using the existing Sky-Model in Unreal
Blueprint Version of Parameter Calculation for the Shader.
HLSL Version of the Shader Used in Ureal material.
Unreal MAterial Version of the Shader. without use of HLSL
Effect of the Model in Unreal however not yet Finetuned.
Dataset Used to calculate parameters.